Primark nails review + DIY idea.

Hi beautiful koalas, hope you are doing well on your journey. Today article is a review of primark nails and how much i hate/love them (if you want to know keep reading or go directly to the end haha).


I always wanted to do nails gel but I couldn’t because of the price and you can’t remove them easily so i searched an alternative. Fake nails is the best thing i found. I am not going to say that it looks natural (because fake nails you know lol) but they match with your nails easily.

I use the fake nails from primark because in this category, they are the less expensive and best product that I found .


They have of all kinds ; long, short, mate, bright, square, sharp,… They have a lot of different color and i really love the way they look on my nails. The price is 1,50 euros which is really inexpensive.

For the DIY idea, its simple ; you put the fake nails and after that you let dry. When it’s dry, you nails polish on it. I do this when i didn’t find the color that i wanter for my nails.

I highly recommend them !!

B.B. Saeri.


Review of the best concealer.

Hi gorgeous koalas, hope you are doing well on you day, week and year ! Today article is gonna be gonna be an article about camouflage full coverage concealer (orange top) VS the stay all day 16h long-lasting concealer (white and pink top) and they came from the same brand which is Essence.

This brand is one of my favourite : first they are cheap and as a student and blogger who love make up is something important,  second they are cruelty free something that i discovered not a long time ago ( i checked on the essence site ) and my third reason is they have a lot of good product which is rare for a cheap brand. SO ESSENCE IS MY GO TO FOR SURE !

Camouflage full coverage concealer :

20170505_185156 (3).jpg

The good side(s) :

– The brush of the concealer is big which is good for the application.
– I don’t know about the full coverage but i can tell you that i use it for my contouring make up and it gives a good light effect.
– I searched for the concealer that i am gonna use on foundation and don’t do a cracky job and it’s the ONE.
– I already said on several article but as a student, i prefer cheap things. The price of this concealer is only 2,59 €.
– The formula is not thick so it doesn’t seems heavy on the skin.

The bad side(s) :

– As good as it seems when I talk about it, the concealer doesn’t have only good side. It dry really quickly so you have to be fast on your moves.
– The promises of this concealer is the fact that it gonna give you a full coverage which if you have redness on your skin like me, I really advice you to use the green concealer before because the promise is not kept.

The stay all day 16h long-lasting concealer :

20170505_185251 (2).jpg

The good side(s) :

– The brush is smallest but for precision is not bad thing.
– The coverage of this one is better and keep the promise of to stay all day, surprisingly it does is work.
– It blends easily too and the formula is not thick.
– The price is only 2,59 € too.
– I already talk about this concealer on an article so go check it.

The bad side(s) :

– On my last article about this concealer i said that i didn’t find a bad side on this product. But i after a long time of utilisation, the only bad thing is it dry as fast as the first concealer and you have to blend it directly after apply it.

Camouflage full coverage concealer VS the stay all day 16h long-lasting concealer


They have two shades of each concealer. You will think that the big one is the one who have more product but not at all. The camouflage full coverage concealer has 5ml against 7ml  for the stay all day 16h long-lasting concealer, i was so surprise by the difference. I took the light shade of each one and as show on the photo camouflage full coverage concealer is lightest than the the stay all day 16h long-lasting concealer. They seems to have the same price andformula, the only difference is for the stay all day 16h long-lasting concealer who seems to give more coverage.

If i have to choose between the two i will CHOOSE camouflage full coverage concealer because of the big brush and the fact that is more light. I prefer this becaus the way that i use it, but the two product are really good.


B.B. Saeri.

How to stay motivated as a student. (medschool)

Hi beautiful koalas, hope you are enjoying the week. Today article, as says on the title, is about how to stay motivated at school. The exams session is coming soon and is difficult to stay on your desk and study without losing you motivation so I am going to give you some of my tips and hope it will help you a little bit.

My first : put a calendar on the wall in front of your desk, with monthly view and years view. I love putting three-month in advance and the year -> than I can have a view of what is coming. I put the exam in neon pink and i have a kind of color code. It motivates you and reminds you that the exam session is coming !

My second : a to do list, I know that you must hear that on every video or article about school but this thing works. Of course your objectives remain decent. You shouldn’t put something like 80 pages in one day of one book and 150 pages of one another. You have to think about your habits and how much you can do per day because if you don’t stay decent, you will feel like you did nothing when you did so much. I like seeing how much achieve and that i was productive.

My third : it’s something that I do always, but i prepare myself not like somebody who is going out but i put a jeans and a t-shirt. Because i feel like if i stay in pyjamas and i am too comfortable, i will do nothing and chill on my computer. DON’T STAY IN THE BED to study because then you will want to sleep or don’t feel like you have to be productive.

My fourth : try to have your desk clean, not that much because seriously I am a messy girl but i mean is trying to have a little bit of space on it that in doesn’t look too filled.


My fifth : I found an application that i really love and i thought it’s a good idea to have an application who can help you to stay focused. Sometimes you can believe that you work for one hour when you was actually on your desk for only 10 minutes hh. My application is BRAIN FOCUS .. But you can find a lot of this kind of application on android or iTunes.

My last : losing your motivation is not a bad thing but i can lie about the fact that it affect your time and you lose it. So something that i always say to myself is remember why you begin, if it can help you –> do a list about it or check some motivational quotes.

My little hack : if you have a laptop, it can be difficult when you are on your desk so my little hack than you don’t have to buy a support (who can be expensive for a student). What I do is putting a binder and i put the laptop on it.

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

B.B. Saeri.




Healthy vegetarian pasta recipe.

Hello beautiful koalas, hope you are doing well this week.  Today article is about a vegetarian and healthy zucchini pasta recipe. I thought it will be a good idea to share with you a recipe that i do since a long time. It is one of my favourite recipes because it is good, simple, affordable, healthy and vegetarian. Hope you will like it and if you try it take a photo and post it on instagram under the hashtag #NOTSAERI, I will love look at your photo. 

I want you to know I don’t really measure my ingredients, I do it with the feeling so I will not give you precise measurement. When I put “♣” it means that you put how much you want or with the feeling.


– 1/2 onion
– 1 garlic
– olive oil ♣
– parsley ♣
– spaghetti ♣
– 1/2 zucchini
– the whole box of tomato mashed ♣ 
– 5 tablespoon of water
– salt & pepper ♣


I first put the olive oil on the stove with the onion and garlic (this time i put garlic powder because i didn’t have the fresh one anymore and it’s why you don’t see it on the photo). During the onion is cooking, i put the spaghetti in hot water with salt. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When the onion have cooked a little bit i add the zucchini and the parsley (if you like mushrooms you can add it too, i did it hh). So you let that cook at low heat with a lid on it. 

When you see the zucchini have a kind of gold color (if you see what i mean lol) ; you add the tomato mashed and i don’t really take five spoons of water but i put water directly on the box than i have a liquid sauce. You put again the lid on it and let the sauce simmer for 5 to 8 minutes. When the sauce is ready you let the heat low, you put the spaghetti on the stove and mix everything together.



P.S. : I am vegetarian now and I will do an article on the future about it so wait for it. 

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

B.B. Saeri.

Belgian medschool system.

Hi koalas ! Hope everybody is doing well? Today article is about medical school and the Belgian system. I can tell you that it will be pretty complicated since the Belgian system is still not really established. They are trying different thing in hope to change the number of student. We have a problem with inami number, I imagine that you don’t know what is a inami number so I will explain to you briefly.

The inami number is a sequence of number that you get when you become a doctor. You need this number because the patient will not be refund in other side. Its the main reason what it’s important. I am not an expert so i may forget to say something important and if you know about comment bellow and i will edit my text.

The problem that we have is the fact that we don’t have enough inami number. I will explain that ; per year they give (for example)  30 inami number per university but in Belgium there are more than 30 doctors that graduate per year so they don’t have enough for everybody.

Now you understand the system at the end of the study. After secondary (its 6 years after primary), we study in medschool for 6 years. If I want to be correct, we don’t have medschool ; it’s a university who have a medicine branch but i am going to say medschool because its more simple.

Before to enter the first year we have to pass an exam and see if you can begin medschool.

So for the first, second and third years, we don’t do rotation but our lectures are just theory. It’s in fourth, fifth and sixth years that we begin rotation in every medical field and work in the hospital. At the end of the sixth years we have specialisation in the field that want to work.

P.S. : I am first medschool student in Belgium, in hopes that you liked my article and that you understand more our system.


B.B. Saeri.

Essence product review.



Hi my koalas I hope you are doing well. I am pretty happy to write this article because i enjoy the essence product. There are cheap and good which is something i love. I just prefer to have cheap and drugstore product. I am going to tell you the good and bad sides of each product.


Good side(s) :

– I’ve had so much difficult to find a cheap and good one and i can tell you its my favourite concealer so far. It does really a good job and the coverage is just GREAT. I literally recommend this concealer. I didn’t find a bad sides and i really search a good for so long ; that i am just happy with product.


Good side(s) :

– It’s a long-lasting mascara so you can put it for a long day it will stay in place.

Bad side(s) :

– It says on the product that it’s a volume boost for the lashes and i totally disagree with this. It gives a little bit of volume but not like it promises on the mascara which is sad because i bought it for that.

Make-up fixing spraywp-image-1083488552jpg.jpg

Good side(s) :

– It’s not sticky and it dry really fast.

Bad side(s) :

– In general, i don’t really find him effective and it didn’t work one me.
– Because of the fixing make up my mascara became wet and get down on my face, I hate when something like that happen.

Hacks for this product : i use it on my brush than i take the eyeshadow and i can tell you that it works pretty well like this. 


B.B. Saeri.


Essence contouring palette review.

Hi my Koalas, hope you are doing well? It’s been a long time since the last time i posted.. Today i decided to do a review of the contouring palette “Shape your face” from essence. I bought it for only +- 4 euros which is a pretty cheap price.

Good sides :

– The bronzer as you can see on the photo is pretty pigmented which is cool.

– I love the brown grey color because something that a lot of people don’t know in contouring you should not use an orange bronzer if you really want to shape your face. To shape the face you need to use a more grey brown one.

– The pressed powder give a matt finish ==> instantly give you a natural look.

– The blush is cute and really pigmented.

Bad sides :

– The three powder are really dusty, so it goes every where on the table (or clothes)..

– The orange blush is really beautiful but it is more a highlighter than a blush. It’s too bright for a blush.

In general i love the product and more because it’s a good product for the cheap price. If i recommend it ? Yes absolutely !


B.B. Saeri.